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Vikings Of Blues
(Jessy Howe & Javier Vargas)
This is the new collaboration of female singer Jessy Howe and male guitarist/producer Javier Vargas. Their introductory EP “Magic Waters” came out in June 2020. The first album “Soul Food” will be released on 5 April. Ten songs with powerful melodies, lyrics and riffs brought forward with the fiery soulful guitar playing of a blues man, sounds reminiscent of the 70tis carried by the dark toned and heartfelt voice of a soul sirene. Enjoy listening to the new singles “Don’t Let Fear” and “Heart Go Blind” (Rock Estatal Spain) which are out now and will put to sea: “Vikings Of Blues” (Jessy Howe & Javier Vargas).

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Album Soul Food
New Album "Soul Food" Out 5.4

Second Single
"Heart Go Blind" Out 19.3
Out on all platforms:

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“Soul Food” for 30 Euros
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New Single "Don´t Let Fear"
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Tracks from our album “Soul Food”

Single Release
"Don’t Let Fear" 14.2.2021
Second Single
“Heart Go Blind" 19.3.2021
Single Release “Explode" 5.3.2021
Single "Open Up"